The Perfect End-to-End
Automated Front
Desk Solution

Finally: A frictionless, efficient system for your healthcare practice

Save 50% of staff-time

Let us do the hard work and automate over half of your workday. We remove repetitive, manual tasks that sap time and drain energy

Reduce errors

No more manual entry means far fewer mistakes. PatientPal verifies the information we collect against other data sources to ensure accuracy

Increase daily patient volume

PatientPal eliminates the front desk bottleneck. Physicians using PatientPal see 15% more patients in the day

The Perfect, Paperless
Front Desk

A better experience for the practitioner and the patient

Patients provide more complete medical records when using a platform like PatientPal

We explain patients' insurance policies to them along the way, so they know how much they are responsible for and why

We pull your patients' up-to-date insurance plan information, displaying their copay, coinsurance, and deductible for the given CPT codes


PatientPal ensures that no procedure occurs without completed and verified prior-authorization

No more CDs after the scan or digging up months old receipts — we provide digital statements and automated follow up after every visit

74% of patients pay at time of service when given the option

A Complete Solution

We don’t do a piece of it, PatientPal improves the entire front desk operation.
And we do it without changing a single system you already have in use.
Digital Intake captured and entered into your EHR
Eligibility & Benefits retrieved and parsed
Total Patient Expense calculated and collected
Prior-authorization retrieved and verified

Images, Reports, Receipts, and Surveys emailed after appointment
Incoming Faxes sorted into the appropriate chart in your EHR


Other solutions


Don't change anything

We fit between your existing systems and services

Time to overhaul the system

Overhaul your practice's digital infrastructure


Don't learn new software

You have enough on your plate: follow your routine and we'll automate the manual functions that slow you down

Steep learning curve

Get the gang together for trainings and put phone support on speed dial


Pay per patient, not per month

You don't charge fixed monthly fees so we don't either. Only pay for what you use

One-size-fits-all pricing

Fixed monthly fees, onboarding expenses, and annual contracts


Made by front desk users for front desk users

PatientPal was developed at our medical practice after 15 years of putting up with front desk insanity

Second hand experience

Built by people who forgot to bring their insurance card to their last doctor's appointment


Modern patient experience

PatientPal isn't just painless, it's downright enjoyable for patients

Convoluted patient experience

Eh — I guess it's better than paper…

Your Automated
Front Desk

PatientPal makes the hardest parts of running your
healthcare practice easy.

Get rid of your collections list, minimize errors, and
give your patients and staff a 21st century experience.
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